Why I give...

Charles Bell, BA '58 and Shirley (Spencer) Bell, '57
We choose to give out of gratitude. When we attended AC in the 1950s the committed faculty and staff nourished us, modeled love and provided us with a can-do philosophy for our lives. Also, we were the benefactors of others who provided financial assistance. For us, we are happy to be able to return the blessing. God has been good to us! I must say, also, that we wholeheartedly support the mission of our University.

Reverend Dr. John Alan Boryk, BA '67 & BT '67

During my Freshman year at Aurora I discovered what I was meant to do. Scholarships and loans because of others’ gifts made my experience possible. I want others to find what matters to them and experience the joy of making a difference.

Anonymous, '67
The main reason people give to their university is the fact they received a diploma from their institution. I give because I received more than an education, I received a life changing experience and long-lasting relationships with my classmates. Aurora is dedicated to providing a sound basis for your life following time spent in the university.

Anonymous, BA '68
The reason I give is to honor the past of Aurora University and support present and future AU students.

Tracy (Crowe) Elford, BS '87
Life is about opportunities. AU gave me experiences and connections to people that still have repercussions today. AU became my stepping stone to the world -- work, travel, and family can be traced back to the choices I made at AU! The education and life experiences I've had all come down to opportunities and realizing that choosing the opportunities sets your path in life.

Reverend James Elliott, BA '59 & BT '59

Life takes interesting twists and turns which we don't foresee or plan for ahead of time. Growing up on a farm in Illinois, my father didn't believe in education or religion, but I was determined to get an education. In the process, I found religion or religion found me. Students and professors were involved in the process. Money was invested in me through various college resources. I give to help provide future resources for students. I am 80 years old, and still serving as a pastor of a small rural church.

Gerald Fairclough, BA '70
I remember my experience as an AC student and the most inviting, open atmosphere. My hope is that my small gift can assist a student who may not have the financial means available to participate in the AU community.

Gilbert High, BA '68
I began giving to Aurora University after a negative encounter. One day I was asked by a very intelligent professional ,”who is Dwight Eisenhower?”. Realizing that this man excelled in his field but was so unaware of world history and culture helped me to see the value of the education and experiences I gained because of Aurora University. So I began to give back, in money, some of what had been given to me in the classroom. Later, when my granddaughter told me she had enrolled at Aurora to become a nurse, I increased my donation, knowing that she will get the technical training she needs, but she will also become a more rounded and values-centered person because of the mentoring and support she receives from AU teachers and staff.

Cheryl Johnson, BS '96
As an AU alum I want to give others an opportunity to have a great education. Education is the key to a vibrant healthy democracy!

Kathryn Lang, BA '82
I give because when I was a student I received scholarships, which made college more affordable. I still had to work on campus and I still had to get student loans but the scholarship made things manageable. If my giving helps students attend college I'm more than happy to help.

Leigh Morris, BA '69
I believe we have an obligation to leave this world a better place than we found it. We must be a force for good. One way to achieve this is by supporting higher education. We support my Alma Mater because AU embodies the best values in higher education. As I can affirm, AU is committed to preparing men and women for a rich and rewarding life. Not only is this achieved through educational courses, but by instilling in each student the highest moral and ethical values. And we not only provide financial gifts, but have recently referred young people to AU - one is now a student and the other will be this fall.

Ellen (Hoyt) Neupert, BA '57

I give because Aurora University, then named Aurora College, gave me so much. When I had to drop out of college early in my sophomore year to take care of my mother, my scholarship was retained for my return a year later. To help pay expenses, a college professor, gave me a job grading papers. It took me 8 years to complete my degree, but AC stood by me all the way. After I retired from 33 years of teaching, I returned to AU's College of Education to set up its Future Educators (high school level FEA) programs. AU has always represented, for me, the values I hold dear: knowledge, humanity and Christian love.

David Oestreicher, '66
Fond memories of my days at Aurora College.

Marilyn (Bohy) Parolini, BA '54
Giving to AU was planted in my earliest memories. My aunt was a graduate in 1928 and my father in 1930 and there have been about 20 of mine and Roger's relatives who have attended AC/AU over these many years. We always responded to the special birthday offering at church with the special bulletins and the "magic slates." Recently a neighbor AU student came out dressed for her job at Walgreens and I said I was going there to renew a prescription. She offered to do that for me and saved my time and trip. Another came to borrow a big pot so that he could cook spaghetti for his housemates. Glad to help. I want to be part of helping guys and gals continue to enjoy the treasure of AU that my family and I experienced. It is important to me to keep this school alive and well where we have made lifelong friends and have received the training we needed for our lives in the world.

Guadalupe Reyes, BA '70
It is fortunate that I have had an opportunity to use the excellent liberal arts education I received from AU to enhance my community. This has included serving thousands of students in a wide range of technology and health education programs as an administrator at the college and university levels. Having had a great career, I know my education at AU has benefited not only my family, but also my community. I am grateful to those who supported my personal and professional development and now wish to help others in pursuit of their education and career goals. At the end they will hopefully serve as part of my legacy. That's why I have given and will continue to give to AU.

Clio Thomas, BA '53 & BT '54 and Kathleen (McClure) Thomas, '54
My wife and I give to Aurora University because we believe in the quality of education offered. In addition, we see a whole new generation of bright, committed young men and women who want to make a difference in our world. They get it and it is good to help them.

Anonymous, MSW '87
All happiness comes from the capacity to give, all unhappiness comes from being unable to give. One comes from hope, and the other from fear. I choose to hope - I choose happiness.

Charles Waters, BA '73 and Sharon (Bennett) Waters, BA '74
This is a quote from Michelle Obama: “Empower yourselves with a good education, then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise.”

Angela (Rayford) Winters, BA '89 & MSW '93
The reason I give is that although a college education is critical, the financial aid is not always there. Therefore, I give to help the next generation achieve beyond what I achieved.

David Ziebart, BA '75
Our students are our future. I was extremely blessed to have attended Aurora. I was not a great student in junior high or high school, but my years at Aurora started me on a path that has been wonderful. At Aurora, I was engaged in critical thinking, active learning, and discovery education... a solid foundation for my future. I want students today to continue to have these opportunities.

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