Ethel W. Tapper Recital Hall

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The Ethel W. Tapper Recital Hall: Honoring Tapper’s commitment to Aurora College, its core values and student learning

Ethel W. Tapper

Aurora College was central to Ethel Tapper, beginning in 1931 when she enrolled as a  freshman. She served as the librarian and an instructor from 1937 until her death in 1970. She inspired students with her modesty, her intellect, her confidence and her Christian character. Known for her kindness as well as her tenacity, Tapper’s love of books, music, literature and art was infectious to her students and colleagues. Mention of her hallmark course, Spirit and Mind of the Western Man, brings forward cherished memories and gratitude from alumni who were shaped and influenced by her teaching and example.

The Ethel W. Tapper Recital Hall

We honor Ethel Tapper and her commitment to continuous learning and character by seeking to name in her memory the Recital Hall in the Aurora University Welcome Center, a space where
memorable lectures, inspirational arts performances and civil discourses will be held.

Leadership Giving

Make a gift of $1,500 to sponsor one of the 75 seats in Tapper’s honor. Leadership donors will be recognized on a plaque in the Welcome Center.