Alumni data is used only for university purposes, such as promoting alumni events and programming; fundraising; and institutional research, like accreditation, academic department assessment and other statistical measures that help program development. Aurora University will not sell your data. In addition, alumni contact information, demographic data and donor information is kept on our secure enterprise system and is not available to the public.

Why do we keep alumni data?

To share news and events with you. If we do not have your email address, we cannot send you our e-newsletters and information about our athletic teams, academic departments, upcoming events, class notes and other good news from alumni.

To measure the success of our programs and make revisions to our curriculum. By knowing where our alumni work and what their job titles are, we are able to see how we are preparing graduates for the workforce. We continuously assess our curriculum to make sure that its relevant and is focused on our students’ success in their careers. Staying in contact with our alumni and their employers is one of the ways we make sure our programs are best serving our students.

To share with accreditation committees. Aurora University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and many of our individual departments are accredited by additional governing bodies. We look to alumni information to prove to these accreditors that our programs are indeed helping students to build their lives around what matters. We don’t share individual alumni information, but we do report how many of our alumni pursue graduate degrees and the types of career paths that our alumni take.

To ask for support. Throughout the year, we will share with you opportunities to support the areas of the university that matter most to you. Gifts from annual donors enable AU to provide increased scholarship support, essential resources and funding for special projects.

What data do we collect?

In addition to primary contact information consisting of home address, home phone, email, so that we can communicate regularly with you, we work to collect the following information:
  • Primary contact information: home address, phone and email
  • Personal information that carries over from student records: degree, major, gender, birth dates, ethnicity, campus organization involvement and athletic affiliation
  • Work information: company name, job title, business address and industry
  • Family information: spouse name, spouse work information, children’s names, children’s educational information
  • Donor information: information regarding any donation that you’ve made or for which you receive credit 
  • Alumni information: communication preferences and event attendance.

Data sharing policy

Aurora University will not sell your data or share it with any third party for any purpose that is not directly related to the university. In a situation where we do provide alumni data to a third party, it is only when we have a contract defining a service agreement. Use of our data is contractually limited to projects related to AU, and any data must be returned or destroyed at the end of the contract. Before signing a contract with a third party, we review their security systems and practices so they are consistent with our standards.

Currently, we have a contract iModules Software, Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri, for alumni web services and email marketing.

How do we keep the data secure?

All alumni contact information, demographic data, and donor information is kept on our secure enterprise system. Staff with access to the data have passed a criminal background check.